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Title: Numerical Solution of SEIR Model of The MERS-CoV Disease using Homotopy Analysis Method
Authors: Rangkuti, Y.M.
Ginting,  E.
Landong, A
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2021
Abstract: The spread of MERS-Cov disease which was modelled by Susceptible Exposed Infected Recovered (SEIR) model has been solved by a reliable method so-called Homotopy Analysis Method (HAM). The solution using HAM is done by constructing the zero order deformation equation of SEIR model into a high order equation and selecting the convergence control (ℏ). The closeness of HAM and Fourth order Runge Kutta (RK4) solutions and also the existence of residual error showa benchmark of the success of the HAM. The result shows that the minimum errors of the closeness of HAM and fourth order Runge Kutta (RK4) solutions are 10−7while the minimum residual error of HAM solutions are10−18 . Therefore, HAM has successfully obtained solution of SEIR model approximately. Overall, HAM can be an alternative method for solving more complex models.
ISSN: 1819 (2021) 012024
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