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Title: Entrepreneurship attitude of managers, member participation, and cooperative performance: Evidence from Indonesia
Authors: Firmansyah
Martial, Tri
Keywords: Attitude
Member participation
Issue Date: Aug-2020
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to know the effect of entrepreneurship attitude of manager of cooperatives and member motivation in enhancing member participation in North Sumatera Province, Indonesia. A questionnaire with a 1-5 Likert’s scale is used to examine the hypotheses of the survey. Respondents consisted of 100 leader/managers and 100 members of the cooperatives. The results show that entrepreneurship attitude of manager and member motivations correlated significantly in increasing the participation of cooperative members with r1 = 0.866** and r2 = 0.902**, respectively. Likewise, entrepreneurship attitude of manager and member motivation had significant effects on increasing member participation. It is also found that R2 = 0.836, and F-value was 247.430 with α <1%. In conclusion, the independent variable significantly correlated and increased participation of the members. It is very important to insert entrepreneurship attitude and motivation in providing cooperative education.
ISSN: 1719-1728
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