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Title: The “God” Lexem Explanation in the Batak Islamic Wirid Union Group, Medan Johor District, Medan City, North Sumatra
Authors: Harahap, Rosmawati
Keywords: the rhetorical concept of monotheism
PWBI audience
Issue Date: Mar-2023
Publisher: Social Science Journal
Series/Report no.: ;vol.13, n°3, March Spring 2023
Abstract: There is a major problem with the community who gives speeches in mentioning the profile of God's status as God. The Batak Islamic Wirid Association is a community that has nuances of da'wah moments about the teachings of Islam. The problem highlighted is how the personification of the lexeme of Allah is conveyed by Islamic preachers? The purpose of discussing the problems in this article is to explain some of the personifications of the lexeme of Allah conveyed by Islamic preachers in preaching activities, especially when the orator personifies Allah as Rabb. Even though the preachers only "already" personified the lexeme of Allah / Rabb so that their da'wah material could become more interesting for the listeners. With this condition, the researcher wants to explain to the converts to realize that there is a wrong action of the orator when lexeme Allah with a personification stylistic model. Personification language style is a style of speech that contains the behavior of people pinned on inanimate objects. All objects or circumstances can be likened to act like the actions of people or humans. Example: palm trees waving to take us back to the future. In the lexeme, Inyiur seems to act like a person's hand that can wave his hand. Even though Inyiur is a coconut leaf. So the number of lexemes of Allah/Rabb cannot be taken by human actions. Allah / Rabb there is nothing that resembles the limbs and behavior of humans. The objectives to be achieved in this training and counseling are as follows: increasing understanding of how to speak in Islamic da'wah communication. The reason for choosing the topic or the importance of the topic of community service, method of service and summary of results is because participants have knowledge about that speaking also has a trick so that listeners are more impressed with our words. The science and technology obtained in this service are mass media and national proceedings. The method used in this community service is counseling about public speaking for members of the Islamic Batak wirid. With the socialization of rhetoric about the concept of monotheism in the form of Allah, it is hoped that the delivery method in providing da'wah material can be more developed and interesting, as well as make it easier for the audience of Kwala Bekala's Batak Islam perwiritan in Johor District, Medan City, North Sumatra to understand the concept of monotheism of Allah. as Rabb according to the purpose of the preacher, especially among his people. Pwrwiritan participants who listened to this lecture understood that Allah/Rabb should not be personified.
Appears in Collections:Dra. Rosmawati Harahap, M.Pd., Ph.D.

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